You’re reading this doc, so I can assume that you’ve taken a look at my website and you’re curious about the crisis of spiritual freedom that I’ve documented, and how this Action-Plan fits in. The Christian church has not escaped this crisis.  Not at all…Turns out that a large number of Christian men and women in the church have experienced, and many continue to experience, a significant amount of emotional upheaval, anxiety, and debilitating stress in their lives caused by this pandemic, by bad habits, destructive lifestyles and even addictions of some kind, hammering their lives.

Are you, or someone else that you know and care about, having to live like that?

Truth is… No one desires to live like that. We want to determine and control our temperament, attitude, and behavior in a way that produces a deep-rooted contentment and fulfillment from our lifestyle. Isn’t that it—doesn’t that sound right to you? Well, that’s precisely why I wrote this Action-Plan and put it on my website—to help any Christian who’s life has veered off course by a little bit—or, by a lot. Many believers are doing this for themselves, to tune up their spiritual discipline—many are also doing this for someone else they care about, helping them navigate a rough patch of life.


So, if you like what you see, and you’d like to follow through and take in all the action-plan sessions—for a limited time, the entire Action-Plan is free – No charge – No kidding – Just click on the link below to sign-up for the Free Action-Plan Download to get started. Not sure about this – need more info – just Read through the Action Plan – More Information section below, and click any of the individual Session buttons, 1 through 5. You can also get a lot more detail, and a thorough introduction of the entire Action-Plan, by clicking on the Book 1 Preview link as well.


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