I began developing & writing research articles for this program way back in the 80’s. Over the course of several years of research and observation, I became really mindful of the conflict & bewilderment that results when ordinary Christians begin to be made aware of just how easy it is for sin patterns to creep into their life. Every Christian I know clearly recognizes, understands, and desires to conform their lifestyle in a way that fulfills the teaching of Christ, but so many have not been able, or are not currently able, to consistently make that happen. So many have just given up. They’re Out-of-Gas, or, their spiritual gas tank is almost empty – Running on Fumes. They have yet to discover what it takes to really get themselves free.


Why are so many Christians, in this generation, becoming so afflicted with destructive lifestyles? What is causing this & why are they so deeply rooted, entrenched and difficult to get rid of?

Are you, or someone you know & care about having to live like that?

No one desires to live like that. We want to determine and control our temperament, attitude, and behavior in a way that produces a deep-rooted contentment & fulfillment from our lifestyle. However, I have not been able to find a program, system or book in the market place that effectively & pragmatically, resolves this bewildering enigma……

Therefore, I developed a meticulous process of searching out & compiling, over many years, specific axioms of biblical truth, combined with other relevant, authoritative & beneficial sources.  

These other resources include the development & implementation of very efficient life management skills, the clinical workings of the mind from experts within pertinent fields of behavior sciences, advanced training methods of high-performance athletes & business leaders, accelerated & advanced learning techniques, and other applicable resources.


Then integrating all of this into an actual working plan that is always pragmatic, productive, exceedingly effective and very rewarding.


Many, many years of research has gone into my writing & developing the “What–Why–When & How” this scope of spiritual freedom can be acquired & experienced by ordinary Christians navigating the normal struggles of everyday life, or, the not-so-ordinary challenges, difficulties & troubles that life throws at us from time to time.


I have developed my unique program of this Freedom Strategy & Life Action Plan to be published through a number of books, and a blog that posts pertinent, trending research essays and a series of compelling articles.


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