So, in the God’s eye view of your life, it is not very meaningful just how successful or unsuccessful you are right at this particular moment. Whether the habits within your current comfort-zone are putting you on the path toward success, is far more important and instructive. Therefore, your current trajectory in life matters substantially more than what your current results may reveal.


Begs the question: Where are your current habits likely to lead you through this next month, next year, next decade?


Do you need to make some changes? What do you think?

We all develop some kind of a routine we call our comfort-zone that I talk about a lot in this program. We all can tell when we are functioning at our best throughout the day. That’s the time span when your brain is functioning really well at peak performance. Rarely does that time span exceed somewhere between 1 and 3 hours for most of us.

So, an essential question for you to ask yourself is:

Who is currently getting that peak-performance time from you? The best time from your brain every day—who or what currently gets that? Who or what are you giving it to? Jesus…? Weed…? A six pack? A chocolate cake?


You get the picture……

This session details a couple of different pathways in the bible that can lead you to acquiring authentic, spiritual freedom. The right path for you will lead to a fulfilling lifestyle—and, that is not a goal-oriented outcome, but a dynamic, living process. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building godly habits, that can supercharge your comfort–zone…… not making better goals or chasing better results or trying to manage your sin. No more band-aids for you.



New goals, or better management, do not deliver optimum results…. New lifestyles do.


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